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Yiliang bamboo weaving

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Yiliang bamboo weaving



By Liu Jiatong    Edited by Yu Xuebin


Yiliang bamboo weaving originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368—1644). During Hongwu period(1368—1398) of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang (the Hongwu Emperor) appointed Mu Ying and his son Mu Chun to station troops in the central region of Yunnan Province for the stability of border areas. With the expansion of the land reclaimed by the stationing troops, a large population from regions south of the Yangtze River migrated to the central region of Yunnan Province and brought the outstanding central plain cultures and exquisite craftsmanship to central Yunnan’s Yiliang County.

According to Yiliang Folktales • the Immortal Mr. Jia, Mr. Jia was born in Maojia Village, Beiyangjie, Yiliang County. He became a monk in the Hot Spring Temple behind the village. Besides chanting sutras, praying to Buddha and performing Buddhist ceremonies, he was skilled in weaving craft wares such as birds, dragonflies, frogs, fans and lanterns with bamboo strips. The bamboo lantern skin is fine as silk, thin as paper with three layers inside and outside, the wind cannot blow it out and the rain cannot put it out. Mr. Jia’s unique technique of bamboo skin weaving was passed down to He Xiaodou, the monk working in the kitchen of the Hot Spring Temple, and then to the person with the surname of Li who lived in Huixiang Village 6 li (1 li = 500 meters) away to the northwest of the Hot Spring Temple. Jia’s bamboo weaving technique was finally passed down to Li Jiayun after six generations of inheritance in family Li.

Through hundreds of years’ inheritance, Yiliang bamboo weaving technique has evolved into the relatively normalized weaving processes: cutting bamboo, splitting bamboo strip, polishing bamboo strip, dyeing bamboo skin, weaving and shaping.



Round bamboo cans with blessing, wealth, longevity and happiness patterns



The superior high-quality bamboo grown in Yunnan is selected as the raw material. The first step is to choose bamboo and split it. The bamboo is split into four pieces to the desired width and thickness; followed by weaving and coloring.

Market Price: RMB 780 per piece


Bamboo basket


Bamboo basket is sturdy and durable, simple and elegant, used as a container of miscellaneous items or as a vase. It is both practical and decorative.

Market Price: RMB 350 per piece


Wedding plate with blessing, wealth, longevity and happiness patterns


The bamboo wedding plate with blessing, wealth, longevity and happiness patterns embodies happiness, and matches with red character fonts with a full homeland flavor.

Market Price: RMB 400 per piece


Hollow-out wedding plate with flower pattern


Hollow-out wedding plate with flowers pattern can be used as fruit bowl, which has durable structure and elegant appearance, and various hollow-out patterns are available.

Market Price: RMB 400 per piece


Bamboo embroidering




Eight steps are involved in weaving process of bamboo embroidering technique. Each craft ware displays eighty-six or ninety-nine plum blossoms, signifying safeness, reunion and auspiciousness.

Market Price: RMB 990 per piece


Articles not for sale



Bamboo weaving tea set



Bamboo weaving fish tank




Add.: No. 31, Huixiang Village, Beiyangjie, Beigucheng Town, Yiliang County, Kunming City

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