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Events of the 4th issue

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The Opening of 2016 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo


The 2016 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo debuted in the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center from 11th to 15th, August.

The five-day-long expo consists of seven pavilions: South and Southeast Asia Pavilion, Kunming Pavilion, Creative Crafting Pavilion, Animation Pavilion, Regional Pavilion, Jewellery Pavilion and Cultural Creation Pavilion. In the Cultural Creation Pavilion, museums from Yunnan and other provinces participated with their exhibits including Dragon Tiger shawls from Shanghai Museum and Kesi genuine leather wallet from Suzhou Museum.

Items under the categories of “Painting”, “Calligraphy”, “Design”, and “Sculpture” are displayed in the Creative Crafts Pavilion, presenting esteemed contemporary art works and national fine art boutique. Jewellery Pavilion has attracted a number of domestic and foreign well-established jewellers. Adding to Wenshan agate, Longling Huanglong jade and Ruili jadeite are Sri Lanka sapphire and Myanmar Ruby.

Included in the Expo are an outfit design contest for couples, a cultural tourism investment symposium, an embroidery masters’ contest, ten most well-know Yunnan embroidery village contest and so on. The diversity of fabrics are brought under the spotlight.


Baoshan culture tourism train from Kunming to Chengdu


On July 21, touring train K145/6 named Baoshan departed from Kunming to Chengdu, marking the regular service provided jointly by Baoshan and Kunming Railway Authorities.

Baoshan boasts a long history of 2,000 years of Silk Road culture, Central Plains culture, anti-Japanese wartime culture, emerald culture and volcano-hotspring geological culture. A pair of trains in both ways are scheduled daily, with Chengdu-bound train departing at 19:05 and Kunming-bound train at 14:30.

(Photograph by Xue Dan)

9.276 billion RMB invested in upgrading 7 tourist attractions in Kunming


Kunming tourism boosting meeting was held on August 2, in the next five years 9.276 billion RMB(1.399 billion USD) are to be invested in upgrading the 7 traditional tourist attractions including Jade Dragon Bay Forest Park, Overseas Chinese Town ecological tourist town, Stone Forest, Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden, Yunnan Ethnic Village-Xishan Forest Park, Jiuxiang Limestone Caves and Yunnan Safari Park.

Allocated 104 million RMB are to be used in upgrading Yunnan Ethnic Village-Xishan Forest Park, increasing Hi-tech and service facilities, ethnic performance. 770 million RMB are invested in upgrading Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden, innovating culture tourism program of Kunming Stories. Dianchi round-lake jogging, mountaineering and cycling are new sport additions in Kunming.


Lonely Planet Yunnan tourism special issue distributed in Singapore and Malaysia


In July 2016, Lonely Planet Yunnan tourism special issue was distributed in Singapore and Malaysia, as a free pamphlet insert for the subscribers of Lonely Planet.

The cooperation between Yunnan Provincial Tourism Development Commission and Lonely Planet started in 2015, in the form of compiling and issuing a special publication about travel in Yunnan.

With this special issue, Lonely Planet presents readers with original year-round colorful depictions of the province through the perspective of the local people, further popularizing tourism of Yunnan.

(Photograph by Huang Linwu)

Tour routes landscaping of Tangdian and Jiaozi Snow Mountain


The landscaping of 59km-long tour routes in Tangdian and Jiaozi Snow Mountain is expected to be completed by the end of August.

The main road will be lined with cedar trees. To build “Camphor Tree Avenue” and “Red Maple Tree Avenue”, camphor trees and red maple trees are selected for the roads between Tangdian, Tongkuang Road to Yangjiawan, Fenghe and Yangjiawan, Fenghe to Huagou, Hongtudi.


The purple pottery of Jianshui has been approved as a protected product of geographical indications


General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released an announcement of approval of the purple pottery of Jianshui to be a protected product of geographical indications on 4th, July.

At the national folk art and crafts exhibition held in Beijing in 1953, the 900-year-old purple pottery of Jianshui was named as one of “The Four Potteries of China” for its excellent ceramic quality. The other three include Yiishing pottery of Jiangsu, the Shiwan pottery of Guangdong and the Rongchang pottery of Sichuan.


Dragon boat racing on Dianchi Lake scheduled in September


On August 1, the planning of 2016 Chinese dragon boat racing Dianchi Lake station in Kunming was approved by Kunming municipal authorities, and dragon boat racing will be held on September 24 to 25 in Caohai.

The event aims at inheriting traditional Chinese culture and promoting colorful Dianchi civilization as well as restoration, and creation of highland Dianchi sport-vacationing with emphasis on environment protection in Kunming.

Professional and youth teams will take part in the racing. And the prize for winners totals 800,000 RMB.


Dashanbao Wetlands ecological model base


Dashanbao Reserve Protection Bureau together with Dashanbao township government have been pro-actively promoting the construction of Dashanbao Reserve Longjiadadi Plateau Wetlands model base. The infrastructure construction is completed.

The model base is located in Longjiadadi Wetlands, Yangwo River Basin, Dashanbao, Zhaotong City in northeast Yunnan. The “Water Quality Improvement Project” and “Vegetation Restoration Project” are being implemented for sewage treatment in Dashanbao. The base would not only benefit the environmental improvement  of Dashanbao, but also serve as an educational and scientific research base, as well as an example for plateau wetland restoration and water treatment technology.


Yunnan and Tibet join hands to build the greater Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Zone


Spanning over 2,200 kilometers in 7 days and crossing Lijiang, Shangri-La, Mangkang, Zogang, Basu, Bomi, Nyingchi, and with two mountain passes at 5,000 meters above sea level-- on July 7, Yunnan driving tourism-marketing team on Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Zone arrived in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, and held a driving tour promotion conference with the theme of Colorful Yunnan of China, Tourism Paradise of World.

Currently, the greater Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Zone has been listed as a national key tourism area in China, which has already become a hot destination for tourists from home and abroad. Yunnan and Tibet, with complementary tourism resources, play crucial roles in the development of the greater Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Zone, with promising potential for RV driving touring and relaxing vacationing.

(Photograph by Xiang Xingquan)

The establishment of Yunnan Wood Carving Association


Yunnan Wood Carving Association was formed under Yunnan Cultural Industry Office on the 1st, August. It serves as a tie between cultural enterprises and governments, and promotes the development of wood carving industry in Yunnan province.

There are approximately more than 100 members in Yunnan Wood Carving Association, including  wood carving craft inheritors, wood carving craft masters and people from the industry of wood carving design-, processing- and marketing-related enterprises. Yunnan woodcarving culture is fairly diversified: Jianchuan woodcarving epitomizes building decorative carvings and plane carving; mahogany furniture centered in Dehong, Xishuangbanna and Kunming; Yunnan root carving in Honghe, Wenshan and central Yunnan; bamboo and rattan crafting in southern and southwestern Yunnan where resources abound; and wooden tourist souvenirs and ethnic wood carving.


A full-scale Yunnan lantern opera The Village, The River, The moon premiered in Beijing


7.23, night, a full-scale lantern opera, The village, The River, The Moon was preformed in Beijing Hongta auditorium. The show is played out with the familiar and melodious ‘oriental serenade’ Flowing Stream, originated from Midu, Dali.

The village, The River, The Moon, consisting of eight scenes, depicts a touching and eventful storyline.  The combination of lantern opera and modern art in the show enhances the Midu lantern opera to a higher artistic form. Five Americans in the audience marvelled at the performance with excitement. Stella used five consecutive “very beautiful” in her compliment to express the love for this show.


Kunming ZHONGWEI Greenlake Hotel debuted an exclusive one-stop business service


On July 29, the conference of WEI+ Simple Life business service was released in Kunming ZHONGWEI Greenlake Hotel, which has a history of 60 years serving guests from home and abroad. Guests of this hotel could enjoy an exclusive free one-stop service. Kunming ZHONGWEI Greenlake Hotel is the first five star hotel in Yunnan that offers this value-added service.

Guests are entitled to enjoy the exclusive service through reservation on the website of the hotel. Personalized breakfast are served before the guests are transported and helped with airport check-in.

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