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From April 1 to 4, the 2nd Taiyang Mountain Cup International Regatta was held in the clear waters near the eastern coast of Fuxian Lake in Yuxi City.

20 teams from home and abroad competed at the regatta.


On April 20, the Yunnan Longjiang Bridge opened to traffic. The bridge, with a total length of 2,470 meters, a height of 280 meters and a span of 1,200 meters, is now the largest steel suspension bridge in Asia. It is also a gateway linking Kunming and the India Ocean region via Tengchong and Myanmar.


On April 26, China’s most well-known slack-rope walker, Zhang Liang, set a new record in Yunnan. He successfully completed a walk on a 25-mm wide, 3-mm thick and 60-m long flat nylon slackline suspended 16 meters above the Tiger Leaping Gorge, making it China’s most difficult slackline walk ever.


On April 25, the 2016 Kunming Tennis Open officially kicked off in An’ning, attracting more than 200 players from some 30 countries, including China, Japan, the U.S. and Germany.


 Between April 22 and 25, the Yunnan Weekend Culture Fair—Pu’er Tea Session, themed “Back to Where Love Begins”, opended at the Yunnan Exposition Garden for Cultural Creativity, also known as Purple Cloud and Blue Bird.


On April 27, Yunnan Wildlife Park ushered in China’s national treasure—two giant pandas named Nannan and Hexing. The pandas, a male and female, each weighing about 80 kg, are both three years old.


On April 28, the A’wang Celebrity Cup International Kickboxing Tournament opened at Dashanghui Plaza in Dongchuan City, Yunnan. Fighters from Thailand,Russia, Kazakhstan and China came together to present an ultimate fighting feast.


On May 1, about 10,000 tourists from home and abroad joined the Wa people in Cangyuan County, Yunnan, in the traditional Black Mud Carnival.


From May 1 to 2, the 12th China Mojiang International Twins Festival and Ha’ni Sun Festival was celebrated on the Tropic of Cancer in Mojiang County. More than 1,000 pairs of twins from 12 countries, including China, Russia, India, Nepal, Nigeria, the ROK and others, attended the festivities.


On May 3,the 13th Dongchuan International Cross-Country Auto Race concluded after a week of intense competition. Only 21 cars, less than 1/3 of the total, got through the entire course, showing the difficulty and uniqueness of the race held in valleys formed by mud-rock flows.


From May 18 to 22, the 2016 China-India Yoga Conference was held at Haigeng Hall, Kunming.Appointed by t h e Indian government, 18 leading mentors from five major yoga schools attended the event, bringing an unforgettable 100-hour yoga experience to enthusiasts from both countries.

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