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Top news and vision of the 2nd issue

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Make a successful debut of the Yunnan Tourism & Culture Times

On June 12, Yunnan Tourism and Culture Times made its debut during the Fourth China-South Asia Expo.“As an English-language newspaper committed to communicating the voice of China and sharing the beauty of Yunnan, Yunnan Tourism and Culture Times has set up an innovative example for its peers in Yunnan. As China opens further to the outside world and Yunnan is being constructed into a pivot of China’s opening up to South and Southeast Asia, the journal will build a bridge for economic and cultural exchanges between Yunnan people and South and Southeast Asian people,” said Tian Huqing, Deputy Director of International Communication Office of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Information Office of Yunnan Provincial Government. In the pavilions of China-South Asia Expo, many overseas visitors gave their thumbs-up. Kishor Shrestha, a Nepalese journalist said, “Yunnan Tourism and Culture Times is a reflection of colorful Yunnan. It has attractive designing, best topic choosing, well coverage of issues and attractive pictures.”


The finals of the Third AnnualMigrant Workers Art Festival were held on Nanping Street in Kunming. About 3,000 people participate in more than 600 programs.


Two special shows are staged at the Peking Opera Theater of Yunnan. Xin Yuan and Li Jing, two opera stars performed Imperial Concubine Wang Zhaojun and The story of a Jade Bracelet respectively to compete for the “Camelia Award”, the top award in Yunnan theatrical circles.


National park status is approved for both the Dulong River and Nujiang Grand Canyon. Yunnan Province now has 13 national parks, eight of which are open.


The rafting program in Phoenix Valley is first open to tourists. The valley is located in Wulong Township, Shizong County. It is a perfect place for people to enjoy a cool summer and refresh themselves.


During the Dragon Boat Festival, traditional cultural activities are held at Tanhua Temple Park where more than 10,000 people offer sacrifices to Qu Yuan. And participate in a variety of games,including traditional archery, and wrapping ricedumplings.


The 2016 Golden Mango Culture Tourism Festival, entitled “Golden Mango in Hot Yuanjiang” kicks off. About 10,000 tourists participate in the “Golden Mango Running amid Colorful Bubbles".


The COART Festival and Dali Folk Art Festival open in Dali. As usual, participants explore the relationship between land and rural life through art works and activities within five days.


The opening ceremony of Yunnan Huaqiao City Third China•Kunming Mountain Color Run and the Third Session of the Water Carnival are held in Huaqiao City on 25th, June. There are overall more than 2000 people participated in the Color Run.

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