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Top news and vision of the 3rd issue

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The Chili Festival was held in Songcheng Resort of Lijiang. Chilimunching challengers gathered and competed, while sitting in large vats full of chilies. A tourist from Sichuan won the top prize of a 24k gold chili that is worth RMB 10,000, after devouring over 40 infamously hot Xiaomila chili (Capsicum frutescence) in two minutes.


The traditional Caravan Delicacy Cooking was held in Lijiang. Three Naxi horsemen circulated around a giant wok of 2.2m diameter and stir-fried rice in it.


The 1st Matsutake and Potato Gourmet Cultural Festival was held in Shuizhai Village, Longyang District, Baoshan City. The process of a

123.5 kg-matsutake hotpot cooking was recorded for filing “Shanghai Great World Guinness Record”.


Hundreds of cute and eyecatching artificial insects in various shapes, sizes and colors - made of over 20,000 pot-flowers, are creatively conceived and put in place in the Black Dragon Pool Park of Kunming. The natural park with elegant simplicity gives

way to a fairyland that attracts children during this summer vacation. 


On the 12th China Maritime Day, the 2016 China Kuming Zheng He International Tourism Culture Festival kicked off in Jinning County,

hometown of Chinese voyager Zheng He(1371–1433 or 1435).


Large crowd formed at Tiger Leaping Gorge to witness the jaw-dropping "super flash flood", ultimately resulted from the

influence of the global El Nino. Spectators took satisfying snapshots as the mountain torrent rushed along the valley, right

under their nose, and negotiated its way through sinisterly rocky riverbed with thunderous and misty shattered waves which

rained back to the timber boardwalk. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is located 105 km away from the government seat of Shangri-

La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.


The 2016 Puzhehei Face-Painting Festival was held at Jiaolian Square, Qiubei County in Southeast Yunnan. The theme of the event is “merry face-painting in romantic Puzhehei”. Tourists from across China blended in the fancy-dressed local ethnic minorities for the festivity, dancing and singing to hilarious music and painting each others’ faces in celebration of the carnival.


The Tropical Botanical Garden under the Chinese Academy of Sciences celebrates the Month of Lily-Lotus from July through August

in Xishuangbanna, with highlights on the giant child-bearing Victoria Lily.

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