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Top news and vision of the 1st issue

04/01/2016From April 1 to 4, the 2nd Taiyang Mountain Cup International Regatta was held in the clear waters near the eastern coast of Fuxian Lake in Yuxi City.20 teams from home and abroad competed a

Top news and vision of the 2nd issue

Make a successful debut of the Yunnan Tourism & Culture TimesOn June 12, Yunnan Tourism and Culture Times made its debut during the Fourth China-South Asia Expo.“As an English-language newspaper

Top news and vision of the 3rd issue

07/02/2016The Chili Festival was held in Songcheng Resort of Lijiang. Chilimunching challengers gathered and competed, while sitting in large vats full of chilies. A tourist from Sichuan won the top p

Events of the 4th issue

The Opening of 2016 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo创意云南2016文博会开幕The 2016 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo debuted in the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center from 11th t

Top news and vision of the 4th issue

07/16/2016The opening ceremony of the 2 nd China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp was held in Shiping County.07/20/2016The 12 th China Yunnan Wild Mushroom Fair was opened in Yimen County — the place was also

Events of the 5th issue

Yunnan added two more 5A class scenic spots云南新增2家5A级景区On August 3, China National Tourism Administration released a list of six new 5A class scenic spots, which include Kunming World H

Top news and vision of the 5th issue

08/05/2016Grand opening ceremony of Heqing Caohai Lake Shuahai Festival was held in Heqing County, Dali City. Folk artisans were singing “tunes of ridges” in Caohai Lake.08/08/2016-08/11/20162016

Events of the 6th issue

Second highway linking China to Laos under construction中国至老挝第二条高速公路开工建设La(Mengla)Man(Mengman)Highway, the second highway linking China and Laos after Xiaomo Highway, st

Top news and vision of the 6th issue

More international flights routes from Yunnan are scheduled to open云南省计划增开多条国际航线From 2016 to 2017, Yunnan Province will open new flight routes and add flights to existing rou

Events of the 7th issue

Yunnan promotes Silk Road characteristic tourism 云南推“丝绸之路”特色旅游Yunnan Tourism Association held the promotion and review meeting on Yunnan Silk Road characteristic tourism

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